The TILES System® interview management software.

Making your investigative interviewing workflow.

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  • Reduced preparation time of investigative interview plans.
  • Enhances tactical planning capabilities and the strategic use of evidence.
  • Fosters at-a-glance assimilation of new information and evidence.
  • Flexible topic management keeps pace with forensic conversation.
  • Promotes task-synergy efficiencies between interviewing colleagues and supervisors.


  • Fosters objective based interview planning.
  • Delivers real-time strategic conversation and evidence management.
  • TILES System® settings customisable to any investigative context including law enforcement, audit and intelligence*.
  • Bullet point note-taking functionality.
  • Full timeline and mapping functionality.

Forensically Robust

  • Secure 256-bit (bank grade) SSL data encryption.
  • Europe + Australia hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) within the secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
  • Password protected user sign-in.
  • Aligns with contemporary interviewing standards.
  • Interview Report + Forensic Log Table exportable to digitally signed pdf documents post-interview*
*Pro User subscription required.



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TILES System® interview management software.

The future of investigative interviewing.

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